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    Lessons From Eden DVD by Wayne Weaver
    Not rated.
    Price now: $30.00
    In the beginning God planted a garden, this garden he called Eden. Many ideas and legends have survived through the years of this paradise, but what truth can be learned, and what lessons has Almighty God given us in this hidden but very real place. In this ground breaking series, Wayne Weaver teaches us life changing truth concerning Eden.

    Lessons From The Ancients DVD by Wayne Weaver
    Not rated.
    Price now: $25.00
    Lessons from the Ancients are deep insights and lessons from the times of Israel that have been seemingly overlooked in Old Testament teaching. These messages are convicting and a challenge to complacency yet end on a positive note with renewed hope for today’s believer.

    The Foundation Series DVD by Wayne Weaver
    Not rated.
    Price now: $28.00
    What is salvation? What is faith? If your struggling in your Christian life and are not sure if your saved this message will open your eyes to the simplicity to Gods plan for you...

    The Tabernacle by Wayne Weaver
    Not rated.
    Price now: $25.00
    DOES THE OLD TESTAMENT TABERNACLE have any relevance to today’s believer? Is it really more than a history that is several centuries old? When Pastor Wayne Weaver received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in June 1981 God called him to teach the truths of the Old Testament tabernacle and make it applicable and understandable to today’s believer. Hear these rich truths. Receive them into your heart and spirit. Be changed.

    The Threshing Floor of Araunah by Wayne Weaver
    Not rated.
    Price now: $12.00
    This passionate message exposes the differences between the ram and lamb, true strength and true weakness – and brings hope and a deep understanding to those who have experienced surrender and purification at the threshing floor. Resist the temptation to count your strength. Instead, perceive strength as He does, where one man is a thousand!

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