About Ministries of Wayne Weaver

A brief on the beginnings of Ministries of Wayne Weaver.

The Beginning of Ministries of Wayne Weaver

Men surrounding Wayne have experienced the move of God in their own lives and heard the voice of God speaking through Wayne’s life and ministry and felt the need for making these powerful and anointed messages and subsequent life-changing testimonies available to others.

Who is it?

Ministries of Wayne Weaver is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization overseen by a seven-member executive board and established as a publishing arm, channel, and online resource to document, record, and publish the ministry of Pastor Wayne Weaver.

What is the Purpose?

This initiative has developed into the Ministries of Wayne Weaver as an all-out effort to document, record, and publish what has been preached and what has happened in the past and what is continuing to develop and be able to share it with the present generation and preserve it for future generations.

Board of Directors

Matthew Weaver · Executive Director and Chairman of the Board
Arlen Miller · Assistant Director and Vice Chairman of the Board
Kevin Yoder · Treasurer
Nathan Hochstetler · Board Member
Jason Beachy · Board Member
Joseph Hochstetler · Board Member
Paul Speelman · Board Member