Babylon: God’s Prison House
October 20, 2013

Babylon: God’s Prison House


‘Babylon, God’s Prison House’ by PASTOR WAYNE WEAVER.

It’s sobering to see that we can weary God by refusing to rid ourselves of idols and making excuses for our weaknesses. Ongoing excuses for not living in faith, clog up the gates where God longs to enter and set us free. When our heart won’t leave Egypt to become His Israel, it results in a heart breaking visit to the potter within His prison house.

“The demonstration of the Holy Spirit is when you can speak the word and it demonstrates right as you speak. By way of conviction, by way of healing, by way of God’s miracles—whatever it is.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“We see this great lack in our day – is a demonstration of God’s Word. It’s not that we lack the Word of God. We have the Bible in front of us, most of you have carried the Bible with you today, and you’ve had it with you all week. (Around the world that is, many people have Bibles). But it is not necessarily in having a Bible. Its, does the Bible work for you? Does the Word of God become power in you? And when you read the Bible does it demonstrate itself? Or do we just marvel at some of the great things that God has done in the past, and can no more do in our present because we lack the faith. Or we lack the power of the Holy Spirit.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“We have specific struggles in different seasons of life, and God wants to deal with those things, and God wants to heal those things, God wants to deliver us from those things. God wants to take us deeper for his glory, and unless God’s Word is demonstrated amongst us we have to look at ourselves as a failure. God longs to demonstrate His Word through the lips of His people.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“Yes, I’ve done a mighty work in you, I’ve delivered you from Egypt. I’ve taken you through the desert, I’ve sustained you. I’ve brought you in the promised land, but the problem is, you’re still Egypt. You’re still not my people, you’re not my Israel. You’re not the people that I’ve called you to be. You’re not walking in the holiness and the power of God that I’ve called you to be, that I’ve prepared for you. You’ve not taken the cities that I’ve told you to take. But the cities have taken you, and as a result of that - after seventy  years, God said all at once, ‘That I will put you back into a place for seventy long years, where I’m gonna break your heart, I ‘m gonna break your past, I’m gonna break your present, and I’m gonna break your future. I’m gonna take you in a place where the harps don’t sing. I’m gonna take you to a place where the praise don’t ring. I’m gonna take you to a place where I can remake you completely. I’m gonna break you, I’m gonna give you astounding things, you will misunderstand me. You will think that I’ve forsaken you. But I’ll take you to this place so that I can put my personal touch, my personal finger in you, and change you, and change your life, so that you can be what I’m planning you to be.’” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“You my friend, are not sitting here for no purpose. There’s a purpose in every one of your lives. If nothing else it’s to overlap Christianity, to overlap it into your next generation. To have the same influence that God has dealt in your hearts and changed your lives, and set you free from. To overlap into another generation.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“God says you don’t ever count your strength. That’s sin, because your strength is in me. And you don’t count me, because I’m limitless. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. It not in how many people you have, it’s not in how much ammunition you have – it’s in how much God you have! And I am uncountable, you don’t count me.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“We’re living in a day and age where people somehow believe that we are weak, and I have a weakness, and therefore it somehow gives me a license to do something that is not accepted by God. God calls that a stronghold.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“If you and I, in this day and age, think that my weakness and your weakness is something that you can justify by, ‘This is just my nature, this is just something I’ve always had to deal with.’ You are a stronghold, you are a stronghold. Achan was one of those, he was a stronghold. He held the victory from God’s children. Don’t ever excuse your weakness. If you have one as being an excuse. Seek deliverance, seek help, seek change, cry before Him, ask God for truth, ask God to be set free. He will! This is why the church has lost the testimony of the power and demonstration of God. For the simple reason because we have no more power to deliver in the church, so we turn to excuse so everyone can be comfortable. (That was the Jebusites.) God does not want you to be weak.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“We’re laying people at the gate where God would enter in, where God wants to come in and change the lives, the hearts of people like He did of old. And like He did in revival times. But we’ve clogged the gates shut with weaknesses, and we sit there with excuses and say, ‘It’s just the way I am. I’ve tried for ten years and I can’t get away from this, and it’s just my excuse, just my weakness.’ No my friend, let not your weakness be your stronghold. This is what happened in the city of Jebus – the stronghold. Before Jerusalem could be developed and made, (which was the city of God), the strongholds had to go, and the strongholds were the weak people. You hear me? God show me my weaknesses, God show me my wrongs. God show me what you wanna change in me. And I’m not gonna be condemned by it, because I know your heart.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“It is expected in mortal man to have many weaknesses. But it’s how God delivers his children from weakness to strength, from weakness to strength, from weakness to strength. It’s called, ‘Overcomers!’ We talk about overcoming. But when we see weaknesses. God if you would have made me a little bit different I wouldn’t have this problem. No. He’s stronger than that! That’s part of His glory that He wants to share with His people. He wants to show the world that He is King of Kings and that He is Lord of Lords, and that there is nobody greater!” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“The spiritual weaknesses that cause excuses, becomes an unmovable stronghold.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“Is there something in your life; is there something in the way you live that gets the attention more than God? Then you might have a little idol somewhere, and it might be a stronghold in you.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“Has God given up on you? Has God given up on you because you have straggled for so long, you’ve wearied Him because you can’t turn away from that idol up at Dan and the idol down at Bethel. You’ve tried so long and so hard, you saw God, and evidence that he worked with you, but there’s some things you cannot overcome. They have overcome you. Some of the very things that you might have been set free from out in the world, when you were out there in the bars, and things of this nature, some of the old patterns somewhat cleave to you and they don’t go away. And somehow they become justified, ‘It’s ok, it’s just my weakness.’ And we somehow excuse my attitudes. The things that we cannot overcome, becomes part of it, becomes our friend, and then it becomes our reputation. Oh God doesn’t want that my friend. God wants every one of you to walk in the power of His Spirit.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“If you have an idol that God has been wanting to deal with and you haven’t dealt with it – your discernment’s no good. You catch yourself doing things that you didn’t dream you would. That you didn’t want to.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“You see when you have those idols in your life, nothing’s wrong, you can do everything, everything! You can drink, you can go to the harlots house, just don’t do a lot of it. That’s discernment that is not there anymore, it’s been faded, it’s been taken away. When sin doesn’t look like sin anymore. When evil, doesn’t look evil anymore.  When the enemy doesn’t look bad anymore, when God doesn’t look holy anymore. Then you know you’ve got something wrong. Something is sitting on a pinnacle of your life and you can’t get it around it.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“The sin of Jereboam is something that diverts your attention away from God. It is something that you love better than God. It can be a him or a her, it can be in your marriage, it can be in your children, it can be in your family, it can be in your home, it can be your job, it can be your community, it can be the car you drive, it can be anything that you, it can be anything that you have! If it’s higher than God it’s an idol, and it stands there, and it’s gonna divert your judgment. And it’s gonna entice you.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“Some of you might have been seeking to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and the power of God. That you would have power in your life. That God would be glorified through your life. You might have been seeking and kinda given up. And you might have idols that you set up that you worship now, waiting on God. Doesn’t work that way, you don’t wait at your idols. You don’t worship and wait at those places for God to come out of somewhere.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“Don’t give up on God. Those things that might be idols in your life is diverting your attention from hunger. Hunger after Him, long after Him. Fall on your face, if you have issues don’t give up! Get before God. He will hear you. He’s seeking those who follow after Him, who come after Him, who yearn after Him. The Bible says that. Don’t give up on God.” Pastor Wayne Weaver

“There’s a lot of people that wander all over the place. It’s because they have their feet attached to their head. God’s children have their feet attached to the heart.” Pastor Wayne Weaver