Scores of people always surrounded Jesus wherever He went. No matter the location, they would be there waiting for Him for numerous reasons. Many needed healing—they were healed. Many needed teaching—they were teachable. Many looked for fault—they found none. Many were lying in wait to latch onto a wrong word for which they could criticize Him—they did. Even in faultlessness, the Son of God was constantly criticized in all that He did, and all that He said. Out of all these people around Jesus, there was only one of whom He declared this: that throughout the world, wherever the gospel was preached, she would be remembered. Something happened in the little town of Bethany while Jesus was there. Jesus gave a command that everywhere the gospel would be preached, there must also be told this account, as a memorial. The anointing poured out by a woman upon Jesus that day was for all the death Jesus would experience at the conclusion of His life.

What happened that solemn evening on the hillside in Bethany? A spiritual woman saw a king through the eyes of pain and rejection. She saw a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, and poured her gift upon Him. This king suffered a different pain than many complain about today. It was a spiritual pain, because of the power of the Holy Spirit that rested within Him. It is far beyond me to imagine how man could be so evil and so against the Son of God! They imagined evil in Him, He was lied against, ridiculed, despised, forsaken, rejected, and we esteemed Him not. Nothing has changed to this day. The pure and holy, and those filled with the Holy Spirit, suffer in the same manner in our day. Is there anyone in our day that might have the same ministry hidden within themselves that Mary had in the days of Jesus?

Mary aimed her life at accepting Christ in His entire ministry. Today’s Mary still ministers to Jesus in this way through the people of God. There are many true servants of Christ who are rejected and despised because of the power of Jesus within them. Mary found one of the greatest ministries to Jesus that one can have. She ministered to Him with anointing. It was precious and aromatic. The smell filled the room in the presence of Jesus. She blessed the feet that carried Him and His ministry to so many places with anointing oil of spikenard, which was very costly. She not only accepted His feet but also blessed them and anointed them. She caused His head, where all His senses functioned, to smell precious and clean. Mary approved Jesus in all that He did. She anointed His walk by anointing his feet with precious oil. Contrastively, the enemy always tries to blemish the head of Jesus, and make His feet smell bad.

How can this precious ministry function in our day? The Lord revealed this truth to me several years ago and placed upon my heart the desire to be a Mary. There are organizations by the thousands that minister to the poor and even to those who reject Christ. Millions and millions of dollars are channeled into these types of ministries every year. But where are those that minister to the ones that are hated, despised, and rejected because they are carriers of the power of Jesus? Many organizations are rich because of the poor.

Mary found a ministry that will never be taken away from her. She poured out her life upon Christ in blessing and acceptance. We meet unusual people in whom we can sense the power of Jesus. Their effectiveness is obvious. They endure much conflict, and they are despised, rejected, and constantly ridiculed. The anointing of Mary will bless these people in their walk and their talk. Luke 10:42 But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her. Notice how Judas was inflamed with indignation over Mary’s anointing and called it a waste. He said that this precious anointing should have been sold and given to the poor. Jesus rebuffed him, saying that the poor are always present, but truly those that have Jesus are not always with us.

We need the ministry of Mary! The contrast between Judas and Mary is very troubling and evident. Yes, Judas was a leader, but he obviously never received discipleship. Mary was the one with precious oil, which Judas criticized only after it was poured out upon Jesus. Mary gave all she had to anoint Jesus. My spiritual friend, may you discover that precious oil in your life which blesses Jesus. May you honor Christ with acceptance, encouragement, blessing, joy, and love! May you be the one who is bold to bless, anoint, and accept the Christ you can see in a brother or sister despised and forsaken because of the Jesus within them. Hallelujah!

Read the account: Mark 14:3-9.

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