The Sower’s Field Book


The author Wayne Weaver has worked closely with many individuals over his nearly thirty years of ministry to help them overcome obstacles. Over and over he noticed that even though someone would confess their known sins and seek to be totally free from all bondages in their life, there was still something holding them back. As he continued to ask God and search the Bible, answers began unfolding. Previous generations—parents and grandparents—can sow seeds of doubt, slander, and hate that can come to the surface years later. Pastor Wayne Weaver determined he was seeing the truth of the Bible carried out: “whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap,”and numerous examples in the Bible show that the reaping may only be in future generations. It wasn’t a hyper-Pentecostal theory, it was the Word of God. What can we do to pass on blessing to our children and future generations? What can we do to be set free from possible bondages of our family lineage?

Feel the passion and heart after God in The Sower’s Field, packed with Bible teaching and piercing messages for the one sincerely seeking for a deeper walk with God.




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