David was anointed at three different points of his life. David carried within himself the power of God in a special and very unusual way. This anointed man’s presence brought the enemy out of hiding from invisible obscurity.

This is what the true anointing of the Holy Spirit does. The Holy Spirit reproves the sin that lives in a person. The enemy then becomes reckless not having understanding what has happened.

When you are around an anointed man, you will notice the enemy is constantly trying to extinguish him. David went into hiding many days of his life because of the trouble and anguish of his soul. It was in this hiding place where his enemy became the most discernible. This place of loneliness kept him guessing who and where the enemy really is.

After he spent some time in these places of refuge and hiding, God opened his eyes to a reality. A reality only seen in this place of anguish and hiding.

He was able to see those who never pursued his life as the enemy pursues. He saw those who were upright and walked in the courts of God’s presence. These were friends in God’s kingdom and gifted in verbal silence. They were like the gigantic cedars of Lebanon and trees of righteousness.

He heard the songs of his chief musician Shoshannim and it moved him to see among him as God sees. David’s heart burst from the seams and here he penned Psalm 45.

My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer, to portray the revelation before me.

The bilge that was set before me, I saw with my natural eyes. God opened the wonderful work of his splendor as I gazed with my heart among the pure. This is the bride for the Lamb I’m preparing, Take note lest you become dismayed.

Gracious Father of all kindness and fountain of pure flowing love. How have you inspired the tenderness of the saints? They have blossomed with fragrance of sweetness and exceeding precious comforts in my time of trouble?

They have arrived at the gates of my dwelling with salutation before I was present. Heavenly garments and fragrance so tender, they bear from the Father above. From the palaces of ivory where they assemble with their king, they brought the scents of myrrh, and healing of aloes.
Pleasant are those that you have surrounded me with. They are towers of love and armaments infinitely greater than the enemy that lies in constant wait. Fair and mighty men stand with faces like lions. They surrounded the gates of the house of His treasure.

Men of tenure strength hold fast the court of splendid boundaries with oneness of heart they follow their Lord. Kings’ daughters were among thy honorable women: upon thy hand did stand the queen arrayed with majestic honor in gold in its finest.
They sang with tunes of angels and sounded the hymns of the redeemed. With excellent strings and cymbals they praised you with skilled hands lifting your name. The sounds of peace and joy overflowed as the courts of the redeemed proclaimed.

Hearken, O daughter, and sons of Zion, consider, and incline thine ear; forget all that trouble thee and consider the court of thy refuge. This house is built with such splendor and fashion, like heaven above so as heaven below.  Hearts filled with gladness, it released strength to the saints.
Garments of praise were soaring like eagles and winds of the Spirit were everywhere. I wondered as the redeemed were standing, lifting their palms to the sky. I saw here a forest of trees decked in Christ’s righteousness, Holy and pure. I found men that have never misspoken nor flinched with God’s wonderful grace, caring and lifting each other in love.

In times of trouble and anguish we tend to hear the unconstructive criticisms of unholy opinions. This often taints the reality of those who have not bowed the knee to the enemy.

May God open our eyes in a time like this, to see as God sees from above?  Let us rejoice with them that rejoice and weep with them that weep!

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